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the eaves of the Perunraldevan mcuidapa to be built, caused
the eastern compound wall of the tirukkottaravt to be pulled
down to Its foundations as it had decayed by age and caused
its stone and brick courses to be renovated, built the flooring of
the first hall mudal kaitu), built a hundred-pillared hall to the
east of the big sacred mandapa. and caused an abhiseka with
1,00} pots to be made there on the occasion oi'the jyestabkiseka.

When Kiilitiandal Kainparaja came to Tiruccirappalli
Savadi as the authorised representative of the Raya, Tirumalai-
raja said that these parts of the country should be left (to hhn\
and there arose differences between them. In Saka 1380,
Pramadi, Purattasi month, the sabkaiyar and nattar of the
southern and northern banks set out along with the peasants
\kudigall laid the country waste, and lived in the thousand-
pillared mandapa and in foreign lands for a period of twelve
years ; then in Saka 1392, Khara, the Tiruccirappalli-sima and
Tandal-slma passed under Tirunialairaja, and all the citizens
of the southern and northern banks met Tirunialairaja and
returned to their respective villages.

ut p. 139.

As the construction of Sakkalavan. the northern gate of
the sacred street of Alinadan. had fallen into decay, in the Saka
year 1392, Khara. Tirumaiairaja renovated that gopura ; he also
made   a towered gate hi the sacred wall of Alinadan tirumadil
in  the east of the Veliyalagii/an  to give direct access  to  the
thousand-pillared hall;   thence,  for the Tiruvaymoli festival,
the deity comes to the Veliyalaciiyan and enters the thousand-
pillared mandapa by this gate* ....................... , ...................

Saluva Tirumalairaja also erected in the sacred mandapa of
Alagiya Magavala a maadapamedai of sandalwood crowned by
three finiab (kwlam) covered with gilded copper, and placed in
it an ivory bedstead beneath a canopy (capparam) of ivory.

ti) pp. 142-3.

•Tto omitted i*5SAge only describes the procession p*th fefct was followed before.